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Remove Windows Antivirus 2012 fake online scanner that instantly reports critical system activities on any PC – free extermination instruction and tools

  Windows Antivirus 2012 pretends to instantly find “…critical system activities on your PC…”. There is a misleading alert that seems to appear all of a sudden for user surfing the web without proper proactive online protection. Subject to browser type and settings, the online popup is titled with the name of the above program or browser appropriates a title “Message from webpage”.
  The popup is followed by a web-page resembling your My Computer folder as displayed in Windows Explorer. The page specifies a number of infections allegedly found for every drive on your PC, for instance 78 Spyware found on Hard drive C and 6 Spyware found in Shared documents. Remarkably, the drives it shows often do not match that of computer allegedly scanned as the fake scanner does not change from case to case and has no clue what drives actually exist on your PC, nothing to say of viruses it refers to.
  Removal of Windows Antivirus 2012 scamware is needed even if you have not agreed on its loading, just like most of the users dealing with its fake online scanner. The point is that there is a redirect infection, a browser hijacker, that repeatedly sends you to the annoying page.
  Naturally, if you have agreed on loading the suggested scanner, you need to get rid of Windows Antivirus 2012 in its extended version. Both cases are covered in the guide below.

 Windows Antivirus 2012

Windows Antivirus 2012 -  how to remove?

   Removal of Windows Antivirus 2012 will for sure enhance computer system performance. If you are still unsatisfied, your PC got more viruses to deal with applying free security solutions – for example, one of those available here. Troubleshooting in case of encountering difficulties to get rid of Windows Antivirus 2012 malware is available with Tutorials.

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