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Removal of Google Redirect Virus: overview of causes and solutions

   Google Redirect Virus is the most common case of browser search hijack. It is when users encounter redirection to odd search page instead of Google\Yahoo\Bing\AOL. This occurs either while trying to open the renowned search site or on entering keywords into its search bar.
   Besides, there are multiple sites redirects and single site redirects. In the former case, only Google or another trusted search facility is concerned, while the latter blocks, or restricts functionality of, Google along with several or many similar analytical sites.
   As you can see, the issue comprises various cases. It is understood there cannot be a single method to get rid of Google Redirect Virus or issue. Multiple reasons stand behind various redirects.
   Below you will find a list of most common things causing the problem followed by quick tips on how to solve particular problem.

- TDSS rootkit blocks Google: download and install TDSS killer
- Local area network (LAN) adjustments are modified in favor of hackers: improve LAN settings
- DNS settings has been changed with malicious intent: undo the changes
- HOSTs files have been modified: check if any modifications have been done, and eliminate these as appropriate
- Browser add-ons have been added: remove suspicious add-ons
- Infection stands behind the problem: apply free scanner to remove Google Redirect Virus
- System temporary files and browser cache contain objects that maintain the re-routing problem: dispose of harmful files and clean browser cache.

Google redirect virus - how to remove


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   8 easy steps to remove Google Redirect Virus:

Step1. Make System Backup, if it is possible

Instructions for system backup
- Windows XP Here
- Windows Vista  Here
- Windows 7 Here

Step2. Check your DNS settings:

Open Control Panel - open “Network Connections”, then right click on “Local Area Connection” (Wireless...) icon and open “Properties”.

Open TCP\IP Properties

Choose "Obtain DNS servers automatically" and press OK. (NOTE: If you know your ISP static IP adress and DNS server for sure - don't change it)

Step 3. Kill (stop) doubtful processes
Check system processes and stop suspicious processes (named like 234345.exe or hfshgf.exe)

How to stop prcesses.

Step 4. Check your hosts file

Go Start - Run - type "C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts" and choose to open this file with Notepad. Hosts file must be the same as in the screenshot, if your file have some other data - backup it to other file and than remove from "hosts".

It shoud have the following entry: locallhost

Step 5. Check LAN settings

Go to your Browser's LAN settings and disable proxy servers. We have shown how to do it  in Internet Explorer browser, but Firefox\Opera\Chrome has a similar function under network settings.

  Step 6. Remove suspicious browser add-ons and toolbars

In Internet Explorer go to: Tools-Manage Add-ons. Disable unknown add-ons. You can do the same in any other browser (Add-ons, Extensions or Properties tabs)

  Step 7. Find and remove rootkits

Download, install and scan your PC with TDSSKiller (by Kaspersky Lab). Click here to download TDSSKiller.exe

  Step 8. Scan your PC with reliable antivirus\antimalware to find security backdoors and prevent further infections

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