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How to remove redirect (Sweet Page Search) (not-a-virus:AdWare.Win32.BetterSurf.b) overtakes computer browsers as it is set forcibly to be your default search engine and/or browser start page and/or new tab address loaded automatically and/or appears instead of other websites that you would request. One may get this redirect thing introduces along with freeware or otherwise implicitly imposed upon.
The website is made to look like a search engine. It actually explores the web, but the results may contain suspicious, tricky and obviously malicious entries. Besides, its start page features fake ads that may, for instance, promise you work with Google from home for $300 per hour, yet claiming the ad is "as advertised on Google".
While the circumstances for adware infiltration vary, its behavior remains true to a single design after its introduction has completed. It is going to send you to the page above, as well as to adverts generated through its mediation. The tricks it performs would include interfering with default search engine settings (so that victims often believe the removal of  Sweet Page is only about Google redirect virus extermination), start page and new tab settings, hence the gateway the malware creates for the website it promotes enables the latter to come up at a wide range of conditions. malware

Manual removal directions for redirect issue

Removal of shall extend to overall web-settings affected in favor of this annoying url and with parameters of individual browsers. Do not let hackers impose their crap on you – free guidance below will walk you through relevant adware elimination steps ensuring you would thus remove hijacker for good. Remover

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How do I get rid of adware in common web-browsers (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla)?


Removal of bad plug-in for Google Chrome:

The steps below explain any facets of the adware cleanup:

I. Eliminate redirect (toolbar), as appropriate:

Open Google Chrome;

Spot Wrench menu (an icon at the right of browser window beside address tab), click it to activate;

This will generate a drop-down list, wherein you need to go to Extensions. This can be performed through Tools or Options or Settings; so you need to pick up one of the above from the initial Wrench menu.

Inside any of the selected tabs, please go to  

Inside any of the selected tabs, please go to Extensions list;

Now, please try detecting a value that corresponds to the add-on you are about to delete. In the Extensions table, please try to find one or more of the following: AlLyrics, ElectroLyrics-1, BetterSurf, Feven 1.7, LyricsSay-1, LyricXeeker, Plus-HD 1.3, LyricsGet, PassShow, LyricsBuddy-1, a2zLyrics-1, Websteroids, ScorpionSaver, HD-Plus 3.5 and/or any add-ons that you do not remember to approve.

Once detected, clean it clicking bin icon opposite to the log (see screenshot);

If no appropriate entry found, just proceed with the steps below.

II. Remove start page, as appropriate:

Launch Chrome;

Get into Wrench menu;

This will generate a drop-down list, wherein you need to go to ‘On startup’ tab as available in Options or Settings section of Wrench menu.

In the ‘On startup’ tab please tick up the box opposite to ‘Open the New Tab page’.

II. Get rid of Sweet page redirect as an address bar redirect:

Please enter Options or Settings menu as explained above (Section II);

Now please get to Search;

Pick up a decent search engine from drop-down list below ( etc.);


You can try to use 100% free scan removal tool to get rid of popup ads.

Removal of malicious add-on \ redirect for Mozilla Firefox:

I.  Eliminate Sweet page redirect (BHO) add-on, as appropriate:

Select  Tools in Mozilla  top menu as seen in a Firefox tab;

Once in Tools menu, proceed with Add-ons;

Now please click Extensions; if you see the target url as shown below,  press relevant button to get rid of  Sweet page redirect (please refer to the picture below).

II. Remove Sweet page redirect from General settings, as appropriate:

Tools to be selected as explained in the section I above;

In Tools, please go to General tab;

Once there  Restore to Default  shall be selected.

III. Get rid of Sweet page redirect as a search redirect, as appropriate:

Click down arrow  icon at a Firefox tab search box (located at right upper corner);

This shall launch a drop-down menu, wherein Manage Search Engines options to be selected.

In its menu, find “Sweet page redirect” (name may vary slightly) and press Remove button. In such a way, you also can delete any url you find unwanted, whatever is your reasoning for that.

IV. Eliminate Sweet page redirect in new tabs, as appropriate:

Please go to Tools and Add-ons following the instructions provided in the Section I above;

In the Add-on, go to Options;

Proceed with Advanced;

The option Use as Enhanced Search for New Tab to be untick

Removal of redirect \ add-on for Internet Explorer:

To clean your Internet Explorer from this unwanted interference, you are going to adjust your browser through its Tools menu. To get into relevant menu, launch the browser. In IE 9, Gear icon needs to be clicked upon; if you stick to previous versions, go to Tools.

I. Eliminate Sweet page redirect add-on, as appropriate:

In Tools, locate and click Manage Add-ons (see screenshot);

Once you see the list of extensions, try finding a record that corresponds to searched-for toolbar. The log may read  Sweet page Search,, SweetPage e.t.c.

In case there is no such record spotted, the unwanted extension either does not apply or general cleaning has sufficed to delete it;

Where you have identified relevant entry, click its corresponding button

II. Remove start page, as appropriate:

First, please go to Tools, open Internet Options;

Once in the Internet Options, browse to General tab;

Restore to Default shall be activated;

III. Get rid of Sweet page redirect, as appropriate:

Please open General tab following the explanation of section II above;

Proceed with Settings;

This will open Settings menu, therein you will find a list of default search engines;

Should  Sweet page redirect be a default value, change to another address, e.g.

IV. Remove as a new tab redirect, as appropriate:

If you run IE9, follow the guidance of sections II above to open General tab;

Go to Tabs Settings;

Opposite to ‘When a new tab is opened, open…’, select ‘The new tab page’.

If you run an earlier IE edition, just make sure the adware has been deleted; for that purpose, please perform the steps included into sections I to III.


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