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Get rid of redirect and unwanted web-search helper toolbar is not recommended for visiting, the url may contain pages infected with malicious JavaScript.
   Most of the visitors do not deliberately open the page though. Because of inadvertently loading some software products e.g. PDF Creator the users get their computers compromised by an applet related to the above url. The trojan surreptitiously installs toolbar into browsers called MySerach or providing no details on its name. If one enters anything into its search bar, that instantly opens the above unwanted search engine.
   However, removal of is not limited to uninstalling or deleting the toolbar. The redirect may survive outside web-browser. To completely remove hijacker, please consult the guide below. -  how to remove?

   Removal of will for sure enhance computer system performance. If you are still unsatisfied, your PC got more viruses to deal with applying free security solutions – for example, one of those available here. Troubleshooting in case of encountering difficulties to get rid of malware is available with Tutorials.

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