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Get Rid of Avira AntiVir ENHANCED PROTECTION MODE Poor AV Simulation

   Avira AntiVir ENHANCED PROTECTION MODE popup exploits users credulity and name of true security software for the purpose of providing financial benefits to scammers masterminding the tricky affair, at the account of people inclined to trust the most suspicious software. The name of the aforementioned misleading software product consists of the name of renowned security software and, written in capitals, clarification on its current mode. It is somewhat inappropriate to refer to the issue as to software product, for the problem, as a matter of fact, is limited to two popups generated by trojan, so there is a faking of certain software, but it is not complete.
   That is, a complete faking implies much more popups. Common way for counterfeiting a security suite for PC is to display a set of popups, which quite plausibly imitate nag screens displayed by typical true security solution. In the case under review, the popups are too few to consider the issue as a fake antivirus. It is rather a cheeky extortion of payment without creating a convincing imitation of a security software product.


Avira AntiVir ENHANCED PROTECTION MODE how to remove

   The scan may start at different points. For instance, it might be a direct introduction of the trojan from infected website or download of misleadingly declared content. No matter how the trojan is introduced, it is busy to show only two windows. The most noticeable of the two is a red colored window that pretends to be generated by Avira AntiVir as it is titled with its name. The window says it is just a notification on virus detected and relevant steps taken by the security solution, which need not to be followed by any subsequent action of user. Another alert is displayed at desktop toolbar.
   It contains technical information and is meant to make the affair sound more trustworthy. Remove Avira AntiVir ENHANCED PROTECTION MODE popups as they are generated by trojan of misleading informational impact on user and corrupting impact on computer system. Relevant technique for Avira AntiVir ENHANCED PROTECTION MODE removal is available below in the form of manual guide for the trojan extermination.

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Use the following serial code (activation number) to register and uninstall Avira AntiVir ENHANCED PROTECTION MODE. Note that removal using "Add\Uninstall Programs" Windows feature WILL NOT remove realted trojans and parasites.

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   Incomplete or incorrect extermination of files and  registry values constituting the infection, e.g. deletion of harmless files and registry entries instead of those specified below due to mistyping, is quite possible. Furthermore, resent observations on fake security tools have shown that this kind of malware might strike back, i.e.  make harm to computer system in response to attempt of deleting its components.
   If you are a Windows user, secure your computer system before proceeding to the adware extermination by means of system and registry backup prior to launching deletion of the adware components.

4 easy steps to remove fake antivirus:

Step1. System Backup

- Windows XP Here
- Windows Vista  Here
- Windows 7 Here

Step2. Killing Processes (in Windows)

You must kill Avira AntiVir ENHANCED PROTECTION MODE processes:


How to kill prcesses.

Once system and registry backup is complete, make sure the infection you want to get rid of is not currently running any processes; otherwise kill its processes in the Task Manager.

Step3. Exposure and Detection and Deletion of Avira AntiVir ENHANCED PROTECTION MODE Files

Once the targeted infection is idle, you need to find its relevant entries. Some of them might be hidden as the malware often attributes such value to its files in order to reduce the risk of their deletion.


random files

*This malicious software creates the folders and files with random names, most likely you will not find in their files and folders with names such as in the example above, but they will look something like this.

 How to Expose and Detect Files

If you have any problems, please visit our forum. We will help you!

  Step4. Delete System Registry Values

Edit System Registry deleting the following entries:

random registry keys

Files and registry entries for Avira AntiVir ENHANCED PROTECTION MODE

How to clean registry

If you have any difficulties with manual removal instructions - create new thread at Spyware Removal Forum, our experts will immediately help you. You can also choose and download absolutely free malware removal tools and solutions - we collected all of them in one place!

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